You Ask, We Answer.


We are not content to give you a timely response but we want to guarantee you the shortest possible downtime!
Steps for immediate assistance:

  • First level support: the customer contacts our Customer Support and finds an immediate response and performs a first analysis of the fault. Often in this first phase you can immediately find a solution.

  • Remote technical diagnosis: direct contact with one of our specialized technicians for more detailed checks and identification of specific spare parts required. (Optional step)

  • On-site technical assistance: in the event that the previous steps have not resolved the fault, one of our technicians will immediately go to the machine stop for repairs on site. Our technicians are connected to the central office through a dedicated software that allows the estimate and the reordering of the spare parts immediately.


The Socage technicians are particularly effective not only thanks to their experience but also thanks to Carri Officina, vans equipped with equipment, tools
For us, effectiveness means that repairs must take place at the first exit and no further failures must occur in the short term.
and diagnostic technologies as well as over 400 spare parts references ready for use.


All training courses are designed in compliance with the ISO international regulations dedicated to the training of machine operators.

Each training course is therefore developed through a theoretical phase and a training practice for the correct use of SOCAGE aerial platforms subject to training. All students who pass the theoretical and practical learning checks receive a personal certificate in card format and in A4 format, renewable every five years according to the law. Archive of the deadline for the SOCAGE customer license with notice of the approaching of the due dates by sending a letter of appointment.


Customer satisfaction is the thing we care about for this reason we are constantly monitoring it after every intervention.
Our technicians are always connected to the central office through a dedicated software, report and estimate take place in real time.