- High-strength steel box carrier frame (SSAB Weldox 960), designed and manufactured by MANOTTI,  cold-formed, with built-in stabilizers cases.


- Turbo after-cooled engine IVECO FTP N67 ENT TIER III (6 cylinders in line), water-cooled, 175KW, 2.200 rpm with 1.020 Nm couple at 1.500 rpm. Fuel tank - 200 liters.


- Hydrostatic transmission LINDE with pump and engine with variable displacement. Gearbox with 2 forward e 2 reverse speeds.


- Steering and driving front axle DROMOS, with torque hubs, rigidly fixed to the chassis.


- Steering and driving rear axle DROMOS, with torque hubs, rigidly fixed to the chassis through oscillating balance, which can be mechanically locked for loading on tyres.


- Steering system orbitrol for heavy uses on the rear axle. Independent mode: only for front axle, only for rear axle, coordinated and crab.


- N° 4 single wheels 16.00 - R25 with tyres with 32 plies for off-road use.


- Service hydraulic brakes, double circuit, EEC compliance, with parking brake.


- Hydraulic system BREVINI/HAWE/LINDE made up of 1 piston pump – axial type – fixed displacement and 5 gear pumps for crane use; one piston pump and an engine with variable displacement for translation; hydraulic oil tank - 480 liters, with filters on return pipes and hydraulic cooler.


- Electric system 24 Volt, EEC compliance; 2 batteries 140 Ah.


- Hydraulic outriggers with lock valves. Hydraulic extension with 0% - 50% - 100% positions, driven by the working cab, with pressure sensors.


- Panoramic and ergonomic cab, with opening safety glasses which allow large visibility, entirely adjustable seat and complete instruments. Heating and air conditioning on demand.


- Continuous 360° rotation with torque hub, hydraulic engine and automatic multiple-plate brake. Possibility of adjusting the play between pinion e bearing through eccentric.


- Telescopic boom (4 sections) made of special cold-formed steel (SSAB Weldox 960), from 10,9 meters to 35,3 meters of length, completely hydraulic, proportional extension. Inclination from -1,6° to +80°.


- Main winch Zollern - 2 speeds with torque hub, hydraulic engine, automatic brake and lock valve.


- Anchor hook -50 tons with 4 pulleys, weight 400 Kg.

Anti-rotation rope Ø16mm from 180 meters of length.


- Safety devices, EEC compliance, with lock valves on all the cylinders, over-pressure and counter balance valves, electric limit switches. Electronic load moment. Completely safe encoder area for Pick & Carry modes.



RT 600